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10 great reasons to have your vehicle serviced at Stuarts Garages

Precision laser alignment, multiple software updates, coding parts to the electronic control unit and full post maintenance error code checks. This may sound like the maintenance procedure for an advanced jet aircraft, but in fact these are normal procedures often carried out on Mazda, KIA and Land Rover vehicles serviced by Stuarts Garages highly trained technicians.
Vehicle servicing has come a long way since the days when a DIY mechanic could change their car’s oil in the driveway. The latest cars are complex precision engineered, high technology mobility solutions and as such require expert care and attention when it comes to vehicle maintenance. This type of expertise can only come from an official service centre, which has close ties to the vehicle manufacturer, such as those at Stuarts Garages.
Of course, there is still the temptation to use a local mechanic for vehicle servicing, perhaps under the false belief that this may provide better value. However, with such a fast moving automotive technology landscape, there are many compelling reasons, why you should never settle for anything else than the Mazda, KIA and Land Rover service and maintenance expertise offered by Stuarts. Here are ten great reasons why:    
Manufacturer trained technicians – All of our technicians have received full training from the appropriate vehicle manufacturer to ensure they have the expertise and inside knowledge to repair and service cars in line with the vehicle makers requirements. They are also engaged in ongoing training programmes to ensure they are fully aware of the latest technological developments. Their knowledge and special expertise also allows them to diagnose and solve problems much quicker than someone working on multiple makes.
Access to the latest information – Today vehicle manufacturers will maintain comprehensive global data on specific vehicle models and will regularly provide service updates to ensure technicians are aware of potential issues and can perform early diagnosis and take prevention measures. Only official service centres, such as Stuarts Garages, have immediate access to this essential maintenance and safety information.
Genuine manufacturer components – When your vehicle is serviced or repaired at a Stuart Garages Service Centre, our technicians will only use original parts as supplied by the vehicle maker. This ensures a precision fit, longer life and helps to maintain the vehicle warranty.
Access to specialist equipment – Our technicians have access to all of the latest service, maintenance and diagnostic equipment required by Mazda, KIA and Land Rover. This is often highly specialise equipment, not generally available to other workshops. It allows our technicians to perform detailed vehicle diagnosis quickly, which can very often save significant time when it comes to repairs.  
Parts coding – In the latest vehicles many components need to be digitally coded to the vehicle’s electronic control unit so that the operating systems make allowances for the new part. This includes new tyres and is especially relevant to battery fitment. Stuarts Garages has all the necessary manufacturer equipment to ensure this process is always completed effectively.
Optimum safety – Later vehicles are also equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as, automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, lane keeping assistance and much more. For these systems to perform to their optimum safety levels they must be correctly calibrated. This means cameras and sensors are precisely directed. Calibration is often required after certain repairs and maintenance procedures and Stuarts Garages has the capacity to ensure this process is always carried out to full manufacturer specification.  
EV and Hybrid training – Increasingly cars are either fully electrically powered, or feature a high voltage hybrid, or micro hybrid system. Working on these vehicles requires specialist training, safety procedures and equipment. Stuarts Garages technicians are fully trained and equipped to deal with such vehicles, but this is not the case with all workshops.   
Customer service and satisfaction – As well as our dedicated team of technicians, each of our service centres is also staffed by customer service experts. These friendly staff members are easy to contact and can guide you through the service and repair process offering assistance, advice and access to a replacement vehicle where required. The customer service team will also always liaise with customers on any additional work that may be required. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.
Warranty – Having your vehicle serviced at Stuarts Garages not only provides for hassle free warranty maintenance on your vehicle, but also ensures that any in-warranty repairs are carried out free of charge.   
Service history – Having a full dealer service history is the best way to maintain vehicle value. Stuarts Garages will ensure your vehicle service history is complete and fully up to date. This is even more important as service records are now often in a digital form that is more easily accessed by approved service centres.
All-in-all having your car professionally serviced and maintained by Stuarts Garages offers the best solution in terms of ensuring optimum levels of vehicle performance, safety and comfort. It also offers the best solution economically as it provides the best protection of vehicle value as well as long term value for money.
Trust in Stuarts Garages to look after you and your vehicle. Contact our service department on 01-462 4100 to book a service.