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Mazda finance deals available from Stuarts Garage, Dublin

Mazda Finance Options Dublin

At Stuarts Garage we understand that everybody is different, and that choosing how to purchase your Mazda is no different. We understand that you may have funds tied up in other investments or business, and you may not wish to purchase your vehicle outright.

Mazda Choice's - PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) 

Mazda Choices PCP contracts are available over 25 or 37 month terms inclusive of the first deposit. Mazda Choices offers Personal Contract Plans with deposits ranging from as little as 0% to a maximum of 30% of the retail value. You can then avail of attractively low monthly instalments and a guaranteed minimum future value for your new Mazda. At the end of your contract you may choose to change your Mazda for a brand new model, keep it or simply return it to your us. 

So, whether you want to drive the latest and safest model, upgrade regularly or simply keep your car, Mazda Choices is the choice for you.

So how does Mazda Choices work?

Stage 1: You

Choose your favourite Mazda model
Choose the deposit that suits your needs (minimum of 0%, maximum 30%)
Choose the length of the agreement (25 or 37 months)
Choose the estimated Kilometres that you intend to travel each year

Stage 2: Mazda Choices

Will offer you a low monthly repayment over the period based on your choices above
Guarantee the Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of your Mazda at the end of the term

Stage 3:  When the agreement ends

Pay the final instalment (GMFV) and take ownership of your Mazda, or re-finance it *
Part exchange your Mazda for another all-new Mazda
Return your Mazda with no further payment**

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You’ll be surprised how easy it is to apply for car finance on your new Mazda with Stuarts Garage. We have a handy Finance Application Form Online, allowing you to input your details and one of our helpful staff will get back to you with a range of flexible car finance deals.

There’s an increasing amount of people purchasing new cars on finance, and by filling out the simple car finance application form we’ll offer you a range of competitive finance deals, making it hassle free to get your new Mazda. We’ll tailor your deal to meet your means, allowing you to free up capital for other ventures and investments.

Contact Stuarts Garages on 01-4624100 or fill out the handy Contact Us form below if you have any questions about our Mazda Finance Deals. You can also use our Online Finance Application Form to personally enter your details, and we’ll do our best to get you the best car finance deal possible.