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Land Rover Tyre Price Match

Have you checked your tyres recently?

Having your tyres checked at regular intervals is vital; here at Stuarts Garages we offer Complimentary Visual Health Checks were our Land Rover trained technicians will check not only your tyres and tyre pressure but also we will visually check your brakes, windows, lights and fluid levels. 

To help you even more we have introduced a Tyre Price Match Promise, so when your tyres do need replaced you will get the best price in the market for like for like tyres guaranteed.** 

Know your tyres Limits
8mm your tyre is 0% worn ------------> Safe 
7mm your tyre is 15% worn ------------> Safe 
6mm your tyre is 31% worn ------------> Safe 
3mm your tyre is 78% worn ------------> Recommended Replacing 
2mm your tyre is 94% worn ------------> Dangerous 


How can you tell if your Tyres are deteriorating?
There are several signs to look out for:

  • Damage
  • Persistent loss of inflation pressure
  • Deep Cuts
  • Bulges 
  • Seperated or perished rubber 
  • Vibrations through the tyres when you drive 
  • Cracking/crazing of the side wall or the tyre, caused by its flexing
  • Distoration of the tyre thread
  • Deformation of the main body of the tyres

Any tyres more than 10 years old, including spare tyres should be replaced- even if the tyres appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal tread wear limit of 1.6mm as advised by the RSA.

Download the RSA Tyre Guide

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**Terms and Conditions Apply: Quotes must be produced in writing (e-mail or printed) and quoted using only Land Rover Genuine Parts (including personalised online quotes). **Like for like content of quote must be for exactly comparable work- we reserve the right to verify this. Offer is for Retail Customers only. Servicing or repair must be in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines.