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Mazda electric car range planned for 2019

Mazda are expected to launch an entry into the electric market in 2019, with their own staple rotary engine technology a possibility of charging the battery. At the Geneva Motor Show, European R&D boss Matsuhiro Tanaka stated it would probably be a smaller car, as “bigger vehicles get too heavy with bigger batteries, and that doesn’t make sense for Mazda.”

2019 Mazda EV Car Planned

Mazda Hazumi Concept Car

While he didn’t go into detail about European availability, he stated it is a area Mazda are working on and they’re looking at “new technology” to solve issues to keep in line with Mazda’s current strategy. For example, a lighter material will be needed, as heavy batteries will affect the performance and economy that Mazda are focused on.

Mazda EV Car Planned

Mazda Shinari Concept Car

Currently Mazda have a Mazda3 Hybrid, which is only available in Japan. But from 2021 Mazda is expected to expand its range of plug-in hybrid models as well as electrified vehicles. Keeping these to Mazda’s nimble, lightweight design is the main concern. But with “both performance and economy possible with rotary”, we could see a electrified rotary powerplant helping to push Mazda’s electric range. And with a new rotary engine rumoured to be coming soon codenamed “SkyActiv-R”, it might make sense that the technology incorporates Mazda’s electronic cars.

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